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At AFR Advisors, our goal is to provide comprehensive financial and tax solutions to our clients. We strive to navigate the complexities of both domestic and international financial landscapes, helping our clients achieve their financial goals.

US and International Private Wealth Services
We specialize in managing and advising on private wealth matters, both in the United States and internationally. Our personalized guidance covers investment planning, asset protection, wealth transfer, and estate planning, helping our clients maximize their financial resources.
Succession Planning
We understand the importance of succession planning for individuals and families. Our services encompass estate and gift considerations, where we assist clients in navigating complex tax laws and developing effective strategies for the transfer of wealth to future generations.
Corporate Tax Advisory and Compliance
We offer comprehensive corporate tax advisory services to businesses. Our aim is to help companies understand and comply with tax laws and regulations. We provide guidance on tax planning, optimization of corporate structures, and managing tax liabilities to minimize the tax burden while remaining compliant.
US and International Payroll Advisory
Our team assists companies with US and international payroll advisory services. We provide guidance on payroll regulations, compliance with tax withholding obligations, and handling payroll-related reporting requirements for businesses operating across borders.
Accounting Services (Bookkeeping, Financial Statement preparation and analysis)
We provide reliable and accurate accounting services to businesses of all sizes. Our bookkeeping services help clients maintain organized financial records, while our financial statement preparation and analysis offer valuable insights for informed decision-making.
Full Scope US Expatriate Tax Return Services including renouncing US Citizenship
We specialize in handling the complex tax requirements for US expatriates. Our full-scope tax return services ensure that expatriates meet their US tax obligations while living and working abroad. Additionally, we offer expert guidance for individuals considering renouncing their US citizenship, addressing tax implications and compliance requirements throughout the process.